Merchant Accounts

Establishing a merchant account will enable your business to accept various forms of payment from your customers, including credit cards, debit/ATM cards, fleet cards and EBT.  Furthermore, you'll also be able to process gift cards through our in-house network, eGiftSolutions, which automatically integrates into your system. Transactions will be processed and authorized instantly through a credit card terminal, point of sale system, or gateway. You'll also have the option to take advantage of our full-featured payment processing platform, ProCharge®!

Electronic Payments will enable your business to accept and process:

Credit Cards - Including Chip & PIN Payments!

Electronic Payments approves and assigns merchants for Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover Network® and American Express®. As a merchant partner, you''ll receive next day funding and guaranteed on-time cash flow.  

Debit/ATM Cards

With the ability to accept debit and ATM cards, you'll benefit from reduced processing costs and reductions in chargebacks.

Fleet Cards

We authorize and settle label fuel cards such as FuelMan®, Wright Express® and Voyager®, allowing you to serve more customers and generate more revenue than ever before!

Electronic Benefits

We process EBT transactions for nearly every EBT program in the United States and can assist with finding the right government resource to turn your business into an EBT acceptance location.


Increase your customer loyalty, retention and revenues with Electronic Payments'' exclusive gift card program. We offer a selection of processing options and customizable card designs to accommodate every business.

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