Enhance your service offerings with  eGiftSolutions, the most comprehensive gift card program available exclusively from Electronic Payments. Gift cards are the perfect fit for any retail and restaurant location, chamber of commerce, mall environment, or for those looking for a way to increase revenue and track outstanding gift certificate amounts. We offer a variety of processing options, hundreds of customizable card designs and fonts and merchandising materials to meet the needs of every business.

Benefits of Gift Cards

Gift cards are increasingly popular amongst consumers and merchants alike. Consumers prefer gift cards due to their flexibility and convenience and merchants benefit from a branded marketing tool that is proven to increase customer loyalty and revenues. And with online reporting, the ability to collect clientele contact information and check card balances, transactions and purchases, it's the perfect tool for streamlining your business operations.

Why eGiftSolutions for your business?

Our gift and loyalty card programs include more features than any other program in the market today. We offer a selection of processing options and have hundreds of pre-designed templates and fonts that can be customized with pertinent business information such as company name, address, tagline, logo and more! See our complete collection of card designs at Alternatively, you can design your own custom artwork and fonts at no extra cost!

Furthermore, unlike other programs, you will not be charged with annual fees, statement fees, artwork setup fees, plate charges, program cancellation fees or any other hidden costs.

Free* Marketing Kit

eGiftSolutions provides the perfect marketing materials for advertising gift card services. Every card program includes a complimentary* marketing kit that contains envelopes or card holders, point of purchase stickers, an acrylic table tent and an acrylic display with a card holder - over a $50.00 value! Additional merchandising materials may also be purchased à la carte.

Free Balance Checks

Consumers and merchants can check card balances at or call (877) 643-8225 to access our interactive voice response (IVR) system.

Equipment Supported

We support 95% of all POS equipment in the market today and work with top brands such as Verifone, Nurit, Hypercom, DataCap, MICROS and also have a virtual terminal (online processing gateway).

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*Merchant account required.

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